richindiakart.com network marketing income earning opportunity with product

richindiakart.com network marketing income earning opportunity with product :-

2019 India best top 10 marketing plan with branded product daily life useful products based with 100% legal original gst bill for your joining package purchases.

First time in network history :-
Auto pool & working system :-
If you are working in other company, then you can select "auto pool" option.
Or if you want to promote your self, then select "Working plan" option.
No need to search for new company again & again No need to invest big amounts & No need to invest your precious life time to built new teams in every new company again & again. Join in one life settlement concept. Earn up to rs.25 crores with one membership I'd with in 9 months to 9 years. Earn up to rs.150 crores with 1 + 5 = 6 membership id's with in 10 months to 10 years.

Note :-
On one pan card maximum 6 I'ds are permitted. It is promoted in 5 x 9 matrix system. You can select auto pool system (or)

Working plan :-
Product package @ rs.2500/-
1) sidearm's brand 4 shirt cloth + 4 trouser cloth combo gift packs premium
2) 4 shirts ready made branded
3) 4 grand rich screes for party/function/occupational wear.
4) 6 daily wear screes premium
5) 6 Kurtis cotton ready made branded
6) 8 nighties cotton ready madeAnd many packages are available. All product packages are price lesser than
showroom price.

Business opportunity :-
A) Direct referral bonus :-
Rs.200/- per each member you directly sponsor
B) Level bonus :-
Rs.100/- per each memberFrom 9 levels of your down line team.
And exciting relaunch special awards & rewards on completing highest target level achieved.

Table : team sales bonus :-
Level members level bonus total bonus designation
1) 5 x 100 = 500 - silver leader
2)25 x 100 = 2500 - gold leader
3)125 x 100 = 12,500 - platinum leader
4)625 x 100 = 62,500 - ruby leader
5)3125 x 100 = 3,12,500 - diamond leader
6)15,625 x 100 = 15,62,500 - double diamond7)78,125 x 100 = 78,12,500 - triple diamond8)3,90,625 x 100 = 3,90,62,500 - crown diamond
9)19,53,125 x 100 = 19,53,12,500 - emerald leader
Approx. Total = 25 crores.

Call = 9951599205
Website = http://www.richIndiaKart.com


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