richlifestyle.in best plan ever and long life plan

richlifestyle.in best plan ever and long life plan :-

कंपनी के साथ शुरु करो जो अभी प्रारंभिक स्टेज में हो, जहां आप अपने एरिया की पहली आईडी बनकर काम शुरू कर सकें, जहां इन्वेस्टमेंट कम और इंकम ज्या दा हो ताकि आपकी सामाजिक प्रतिष्ठा पर कोई आंच भी न आये और लाभ भी प्राप्त हो सके। आपकी अपनी सोच ही आपकी नई शुरुआत होगी। new start pre-lunching rich life style marketing pvt.Ltd 100% legals minister of government certificate & iso 9001:2015 certified company. 200% return based plan.

Coming soon products :-
1. Herbal produced.
2. Garments(m & f).
3. Ladies bag.
4. Electronic produced.
100% लिगल और 100% प्रोडक्टबेस rich life style pvt ltd
2nd day (24 hrs) 50% amount
बेस्ट मैनेजमेंट
बेस्ट प्रोडेक्ट
बेस्ट सर्विस
बेस्ट प्रोफाइल
बेस्ट प्लान
बेस्ट पेआउट
फुल लीगल|

Package :-
5,000/-1 pv
10,000/-2 pv20,000/- 4 pv
50,000/-10 pv
1,00,000/-20 pv
5,00,000/-100 pv
10,00,000/-200 pv
( weekly capping amount for all is rs 10,000 by default. Amount above 10,000 will flash out.)

Week :-
50,000/- = 75,000/-week
1,00,000/- = 1,50,000/week
2,00,000/- = 3,00,000/week
5,00,000/- = 5,00,000/week

1)2nd day (24 hrs) 50% amount :-
Every user will get 50% of his total amount to his wallet within 24 hours.From his 50% amount (amount which given to user) 20% will be deducted as 10% of admin , 5% of tds, 5% of gst and this amount will be deposited in admin wallet.

(2)binary income :-
As per pv counting 5% will be deposited in user’s wallet. Ratio is 1:1. User can join other user in his direct right or direct left. If user “a” having one joining on left and one in right it means one pair is complete I.E. 1 pv on right 1 pv on left. Then he will get 5% of joiners amount. This amount will be given just for one user.

Call = 8530551665
Website = http://www.richlifestyle.in


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