World is first & finest processed olive tree in India to world

World is first & finest processed olive tree in India to world :-

दोस्तों आ गया है 21 वीं सदी का सबसे best प्लान जो नैटवर्क मार्केटिगं का इतिहास बदल कर रख देगा
दोस्तो मै आपको विश्वास दिलाना चाहता हूँ कि आपने ऐसा प्लान न तो कभी देखा होगा और न ही कभी सुना होगा |
100% legal और %प्रोडक्टबेस
First direct selling company with an original product of global demand=>going to globally launched.
Olivia olive leaf tea
Launched by the cm of astrakhan
Appreciated by pm & president of India.
Olive tree ventures (p) ltd
World's first & finest processed olive tea
Watch the video for olive full history 
Why olive tree opportunity is the best
Biggest Dhaka in direct selling industries
No investmentNo admin charge
Best management
Best service
Best profile
Best plan
Best payouts
Best products.

Products :-
Olivia the olive tea
Best business opportunities worldwide.

Business plan :-
Total 7 type income :-

Matching bv income:-
Joining & repurchase 10%.

Direct sponsoring bonus:-
1st level 10%
2nd level 5%
3rd level 5%
4th level 5%
5th level 5%
Leadership income 4%
Single leg income.

Travel reward:-
4 days foreign trip SingaporeThailand

Country turnover royalty:-
Silver eds 2%
Gold eds 1.5%
Diamond eds 1%
Crown eds 0.5%
Note:- no time limit to achieve.

Car rewards:-
Silver edsHindrance UV 5 lake 
Gold edsHonda city 12 lake
Diamond edsMercedes Benz cal - 40 lake
Crown edsJaguar 1 crore.

Note:-No time limit to achieve.
Global turnover royalty:-
Global director 1%
(total global business).

Call = 7358739464
Website = http://www.olivetree.world
Email = oliveteaworld@gmail.com


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