Extra booster income plan with bike4u ola

Extra booster income plan with bike4u ola :-

Joining package:- rs.60250/-(once id is activated, company will send you legal agreement to your registered address from company)
Monthly returns:- rs.9000/- for 1 year(12-9000 = 108000)
Monthly returns with booster:- rs.13000/- for 1 year(12-13000 = 156000)
Booster income:- if you refer 2 id's(1 left and 1 right) within 15 days of your id activation, you will receive 4000 extra booster income for 12 months.(total 9000+4000= 13000 per month)
With 1 pan card, you can take maximum of 7 id's.
Direct referral: 4%
Binary matching: 10%
Binary capping per day: rs.48000/-

Call = 9710807949
Website = http://www.bike4u.biz


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