Daily payout of earn plan

Daily payout of earn plan :-

Daily caping- rs.87000/-Cycle matching ratio payout
1st 2:1 or 1:2 rs.300/-2nd 2:2 rs.300/-3rd 4:4 rs.600/-4th 6:6 rs.900/-5th 8:8 rs.1200/-6th 10:10 rs.1500/-6th cycles onward all payment will be released as 10:10 cycle means, 1500/-Daily 2 cycles; 1500x2= 3000/-Both legs carry-
forward up to next payout
50% from 3rd,4th,5th cycle will be deducted for 2nd plan
2nd plan(ultra-2); 12000/- daily
3rd plan(ultra-3); 24000/- daily
4th plan(ultra-4); 48000/- daily
Total daily caping rs.87000/-Daily closing & daily payout.Starter package- rs.650/-(none enzyme)

Website = https://www.xellifestyle.com
Call = 9767484969


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