Start your income product token amount 599

Start your income product token amount -599
Type of products –leather shoes, sports shoes, purse, belt, garments
Type of income
2-next purchase binary
3-company pool level income
4-affiliated income
5-monthly –bonanza
6-tour fund
7-car fund
8-villa fund
9-founder royalty
Binary income
First pair 1:1=300 rs binary
1:1=250 rs binary (always count outer left: outer right)
1:1=50 rs binary (always count inner left: inner right)
Company pool level nonworking income 614300/rs
Affiliated income
Per advertisement income -250/ wallet (100% use product wallet)
Monthly –bonanza
2 direct and 100 pair nepal tour
Tour fund –no time limit
Goa tour -25000/- (3 nights 4 days with return flight ticket via delhi)
After 10 pair complete get total turnover company tour fund -5% equally divided by all qualifier
Car fund - no time limit
Car fund dp -125000/-
2-capping –unlimited
3-closing –daily, payout transfer monday to friday via pay tm and net banking
4-power carry forward
5-tds deduction - 5% without pan 20%
6-admin charge-5%
7-minimum payout -300/-
8-courier charges -95/ all india
9- 2 direct sponsor compulsory level

Website = www.successfeet.com
Call = 7275002233


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