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The indian wellness mlm & e-commerce giant, ifine universal private limited which launched first time in india and gives consumers who purchase alkaline and wellness products, the opportunity to continue buying those products and services at a best price with home based business opportunity by an exclusive hybrid generation plan first time in the world.Ifine universal private limited has reached 130 places as pick up centers across india and expanding its service centers each and everyday with the enthusiastic and dedicated support and hard work of its ibas in the country.In the world of home based businesses and network marketing, there are thousands of companies that are pitching everything from food supplements to financial services. But there has been one company in the industry that network marketing has not even dreamt about in the revolutionary hybrid compensation plan. Until now in india, that is.
Ifine universal private limited has just launched the alkaline products and soon-to-be fastest growing community by combining the draw of alkaline products, wellness & fmcg and the explosive income potential of network marketing. This elite business is the brainchild of the top marketing minds in the world of multi-level-marketing industry. Modeled as the one of the top business plan in the world, ifine world is gracious to become the fastest network marketing program in the country today, and is giving the 10 generation override levels program. The opportunity to not only get great alkaline & wellness product deals but also become independent business associate (iba) of those very products.What's also unique is that program is now offering a new revenue stream to counter traditional website slow-to-pay mlm programs.
Here's how it works.
Invitees can log on to and sign up either as 1) just a customer who simply wants to take advantage of all the great offerings on the site, from unlimited discounts on all products, or as 2) an independent business associate (iba) who also gets those great offerings but also earns significant income and also a well grown lifestyle that everyone loves to live by referring other members to join.
3) become a pickup center owner and be a franchisee for ifine universal private limited for your city
Associate members don't have to build a website, ship products, or set up a merchant account. Ifine pickup center next to your door to service you, if not you have a opportunity to opt for it.
Ifine universal private limited has created all of this. As an ifine world iba, the associate receive their own personal cutting-edge website and app that does all the work for the associate, including a colorful and informative website tour that will make the business presentation to potential customers; marketing and promotional tools like ready-to-go banners and emails that will educate, excite, qualify the customers; and an easy-to-use record keeping back office system that tracks everything from sales to sign-ups.
It's right place to explore your potential say the founders of ifine universal private limited. Add in the fact that network marketing is growing faster than any other industry in the world with an estimated more than 70 million people worldwide, we cordially invite you to join the part of the ifine family for the future next

Website = https://www.ifine.world


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