New income plan indiaboi joining plan

New income plan indiaboi joining plan
आप सब लीडरो को सूचित करता है 100% प्रतिशत खरा प्लान, जो अपने आप में एक मिसाल है जो mutual fund और mediclaim के उपर कॉम कर रही है।
Ab india bolega nahi daurega
Ek kadam safalta ki
इंडिया बोलएक साथ सब का विकाश
Mujhe बताने में खूसी हो रही है
इंडिया बोलने जड़ से इस समस्या को खत्म कर दिया है, एक युनिक प्लान ला कर
Binary income
Lifetime salary income
Flush out income
Sponsor matching income.
Package kit
Amount =1500/-
Suit length or ladies kurti piece or saree
Mutual fund training
First pair 2:1 or 1:2 =750 /-
There after 1:1 unlimited depth rs. 750 /-
Weekly closing.
Capping - 1 pair on every 6 hours closing
Daily 4 time closing
Means 3000 earning.Daily
1)co-odinate - 30, 000 - 300/-life time
2)supervisor - 80, 000 - 800/- life time.
3)b.Executive - 2 lac - 1500/- life time
4)b.Officer - 5 lac - 3000/- life time
5)r. Manager - 12 lac - 7000/- life time
This continues for 20 level income.
Silver & gold table business plan.
Silver table
Auto pool income..
Get income of rs 10000/-
Daily withdrwl
Gold table
Working table plan
Get income of rs 20000/-
Daily withdrwl.
And also royalty income for gold table leaders.
So don't waste time.
Many more benefits are up coming.With mediclaim, banking products.So join soon
70% cash wallet + 30% pin wallet till 3000 income
60% cash wallet.+ 40% pin wallet.Above 3000 income
10% admin charge
Registration free

Website = www.indiabol.biz
Call = 9062686469


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