Joining only 500 income lakho

Joining only 500 income lakho
When anyone do expenses from bank joining only 500 income lakho

No need to do multiple projects or single service offering projects
Click mudra has all services in one single platform so why do multiple concept , why to work for any company with few or single services
You can earn from anything & everything..
Yes its true..We will pay you for using all services which you use regularly in your day to day expenses
Like grocery purchasing from local shop to big bazaar
Purchasing petrol , medicines, clothes, or anything
Paying your utility bills like electricity, insurance and many more
Recharges for mobile , dth , datatcard
We have tie up with all major brands so you have as many options to choose and buy from without thinking about substitute like
Amazon , flipkart, tata cliq , paytm mall, lifestyle, shopperstop, croma, max,
Levis, u.S.Polo, ucb , van hueseun, blackberry, bata, mark&spencer, jacknjones
Our partners list is endless so you dont need to change any of your choices and click mudra will pay you for doing you regular shopping and daily expenses
You just need to join click mudra
Join as per your wish and choice of packages
Free to 2599 you can get all benefits with any package
Yes its free.
We are giving an example of joining with package 500 inr
Package 500
Get health & herbal products like alo gel , alo juice , herbal soap
Just purchase this product and we will give you opportunity to earn upto 251 crore
Get income from 8 pools
Just work in pool 1
After that you dont need to work and still you will get all this income
It is really true no need to work after pool 1
3 x 4 level matrix auto fill plan
Pool a
Level. Team. Income
1. 3. 180
2. 9. 450
3. 27. 1215
4. 81. 3645
Pool 1 distribution income 5490 rs
Company will give re entry 1000 rs amount in click wallet for online re purchase through click wallet
Pool b
Level. Team. Income
1. 3. 360
2. 9. 900
3. 27. 2430
4. 81. 7290
Pool 2 distribution income 10980 rs
Company will give re entry 4000 rs amount in click wallet for online re purchase & shopping through click wallet
Pool income up gradation net income
C 43920 25000 18920
D 274500 125000 149500
E 1372500 440000 932500
F 4831200 3750000 1081200
G 41175000 18000000 23175000
H 197640000 - 197640000
Pool h distribution income 197640000 rs
Re entry is not required in this pool so complete income is your earning
Just purchase products package of 500 rs and change your life..
In complete process you can also upgrade your id manually for payment withdrawal 3 direct referral are compulsory
Types of income
Pool income is one of example given above
Product purchase from our portal from multiple categories gives you 15% discount.
Many member in your team purchase product from click wallet will give you income
Multiple services like recharge, billpayment , online shopping will give you incomecard

Website = http://www.clickmudra.com


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