Build a bright future with greenlie white paper

Build a bright future with greenlie white paper
About greenline
Greenline is a peer-to-peer electronic monetary system based on cryptography like bitcoin but unlike bitcoin. It shows properties similar to physical currency (like dollars), how that makes it different is that it allows for instant transactions and transfer of ownership of the border.
Greenline will be a digital asset to pursue the financial world in the future. Greenline network running without a central server. It's easy to use and lets you benefit from a to b in seconds, at no cost whatsoever.
All greenline transactions are anonymous. Each greenline user can view any transaction in block chain. This is public for everyone. But not shown which transactions conducted, by whom. Each user can choose whether or not his name will appear. This new and known technology changes the entire financial system. No other agency like the government needs to send money from a to z. Banks can go bankrupt and lose your money by making bad deals and big companies can sell customer data without approval. Greenline and this network technology avoid this kind of trouble.
What is greenline?
The number of coins is limited. Greenline supply will only have 23 million coots worldwide; this resembles an economic system based on deflation and with an increasing supply of coins.
Greenline prices tend to rise, when demand is high and the amount of coins remaining does not increase. Greenline using the block chain database is not controlled by parties, but it's so open to the public that it's impossible for someone to forge transactions on block chain.
All transactions are recorded directly, transparently, and spread across multiple servers. It is not possible to hack, alter or forge greenland. Because the multiple block chain multiple server must be hacked at the same time. This is not possible. So greenline is a secure and independent digital asset. Especially for greenline is the name. This is because of the amazing ability to be mined by every easy and uncomplicated greenline user from home.
Greenline breakthrough solutions
Greenline is an advanced solution that allows users to access simpler, safer, and faster transaction methods. People from all walks of life can take advantage of greenline for their own benefit.
Greenline provides users with the fastest global money transactions, but is absolutely secure and at the lowest cost. You can use greenline, of course, money transfer, to buy and sell goods and services worldwide, at the lowest cost and in seconds.
No more red ribbons and no more annoying bank procedures. Greenline lets you access the easiest to use apps, especially payment transactions through apps for smart phones.
Coin name: greenline
Abbreviation: gln
Character: pow post hybrid
Algorithm: sha-256
Maximum supply: 23,000,000
Supply s-contract: 5.000.000
Mining pool: yes
Block space reward : 3 minutes 5gln
Stage age : 30-90 days
Decimal place : 8
Time zone: london (gmt)
Non working plan:-
Basic packages :-
110, 1010 upto 10000
Monthly roi : 8% to 15%
Contract : 6 to 24 months.
Vip packages :-
10010 , 25010, 50010, 100010 and above
Daily roi : 0.4% to 0.8%
Contract : 24 months.
After contract return your capital amount
Working plan:-
1. Referral 10% for all packages
2. Pairing 3% to 9%
3. Daily capping equal to your package
4. Generation upto 6 level ( 2% of matching pair )

Website = https://www.sunbeam.world


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