How To Select The Right Network Marketing Company For You – The 7 Point Criteria You Can Not Do Without

Its been my financial vehicle of choice for well over a decade now. An industry that has taught me many transferable skills which can be applied to so many areas of life and business. An industry which genuinely requires helping others to accomplish their goals, and as the saying goes, If you help enough people get what they want, this industry can help you get what you want.

Success doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice, so if you do decide to start in the Network Marketing profession, make sure you go all in with your level of commitment.

The Network Marketing profession requires self motivated individuals to step up and take ownership of their own thoughts and actions. This is really foundational entrepreneurship at its best as one can learn from and mirror those who have a proven track record of success within the profession, whilst being prepared to work hard within the time that they commit.

There are many reasons that one would look at a Network Marketing business.

Some people accidentally find themselves in a company from trying the company product platform and then growing their awareness around the business opportunity. Others are looking for a new business from the outset that can change their financial future.

The biggest challenge for most Network Marketers now is not around whether the industry is for them (there is plenty of validation as to why Network Marketing is a great vehicle), rather the biggest challenge often is which company should one partner with?

There are so many great companies to choose from depending one what you are looking for, however to ensure that you identify a company that grows with you into the future, we have listed our 7 point criteria which we have developed to find companies that offer the best possible solution for you.

To decide on the right company for you, be sure to do your research into the following 7 point criteria, ensuring you have a YES answered for each question:

1. Company
Does the company have a track record of success?
Does the company operate with minimal debt?
Does the Senior Management team have a proven track record within the industry?
Does the company create a culture which is inclusive, empowering and aligned with your own values?
Does the company provide a genuine global opportunity? (An important focus to allow for the diversifying of opportunity and risk in 2017).
Is the company listed with a local or international regulatory body? (such as the Direct Selling Association- The DSA is a key governing body which sets out guidelines and regulations within our industry to ensure best business practice).

2. Market Positioning
Has the company positioned itself ahead of major market trends which are both in demand now, and also predicted to be in growth well into the future?
Is the company positioning for a wide range of demographics?
Is the company providing innovation and disruption within the market place so that there is a key point of difference to competitors?

3. Products/Service Is the product or service offering consumable, deliverable, affordable & emotional? (emotional buying almost always outweighs an essential).
Do the products or service deliver results?
If product based, will customers run out of the product every month?
If service based, is there a demand to keep paying each month for that service as a stand alone offering?
Is there science or data to show the effectiveness of either the product or service?
Does the company have a history of releasing new product/service platforms to stay ahead of the trends?

4. Compensation Plan
Is the compensation plan designed so anyone can succeed (a new person, or a seasoned professional)?
Does the compensation plan reward for product sales/volume created within your team?
Are there proven and validated success stories?
Is the compensation plan sustainable, and what validation is there?

5. Timing
Is the company showing a track record of consistent global growth?
Is the company poised for growth in your home market?
Is the company poised for growth internationally?
Is the timing right for you?

6. Support
Do you have direct access to proven leaders within the industry with strong track records within the company whom you can call on anytime?
Is there a community of like minded people who you can work with?
Is there support provided online and offline?
Do you have access to a forum where you can ask questions and participate in group discussions?

7. Training
Is there a proven training plan and system which new distributors can follow and utilise from day 1?
Is there a leadership focused training system which can develop people as leaders?
Are there training events held regularly for you to plug your new team members into?
Make sure you do your homework into your opportunity. Making the right decision will allow you to have complete belief in these 7 areas from the day you begin, and 100% belief is vital to creating a successful Network Marketing career!

SOURCED BY: James Yates


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