Telangana to come out retail policy

The Telangana government will shortly come out with a retail trade policy and it will be incorporated with 'Direct Selling', a senior official said.

"Very shortly in a matter of next couple of months we are bringing out our retail trade policy and we have decided to include'Direct Selling' also as a component of this retail trade," Principal Secretary for IT and Industries Jayesh Ranjan said.

"For the organised retail we are announcing in our retail trade policy that the state will take care of responsibility for training (skilled manpower) completely at its cost, and if 'Direct Selling' is included in the retail trade policy then this benefit will be also extended to the direct selling sector, Ranjan said.

After Sikkim and Chhattisgarh, the Telangana government had come out with guidelines regulating the business of direct selling industry.Addressing a Thanks Giving Conference for Telangana Government here organised by FICCI and Indian Direct Selling Association for coming out with such guidelines, Ranjan further said the draft retail trade policy has been prepared and right now it was being circulated among other government departments for their remarks and inputs.

We see any investment in manufacturing as a favour you (industry) are doing to us (government) and therefore all the clearances, permissions are given in 15-day time period, along with incentives and good quality infrastructure," Ranjan said adding, there was a strong local procurement policy in Telangana.

"Because of pro-active support from Telangana government, e-commerce giant Amazon is setting up its second largest technology development centre in Hyderabad," he said.


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