ED to probe Gainbitcoin Scam

In India recent times one company started investment plans in bitcoin mode.At that time crypto currencies is new to the Indian market.GAINBITCOIN.COM has been collected nearly 2000 crores from the public with daily returns plan.The probe of the alleged scam worth Rs2,000 crore, in which several investors were cheated owing to a ponzi scheme using the website gainbitcoin.com, will now be handed over to the enforcement directorate (ED), the state government has announced.

While responding to a calling-attention motion, Ranjit Patil, minister of state for home (cities), on Wednesday informed the legislative assembly that a lookout notice has been issued for ‘Gainbitcoin’ founder Amit Bhardwaj as he has fled the country.
Amolkumar Thimble has been arrested in the case, while Balaji Panchal and Raju Motewar are at large.
While admitting that the company has duped many investors in Mumbai, Pune, Nanded, Kolhapur and other cities in the state, Patil said that the government would request the ED to probe the case. “The Reserve Bank of India does not deal in crypto currency but has also not declared it illegal. Cases related to the currency and their monitoring is handled by the central government,” he said.


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